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Looking for information about the Suzuki VX800?  Want to join a great motorcycling forum / community?  You've come to the right place!  The VX800 forum is a small community of like minded motorcyclist, mostly devoted to the Suzuki VX800.  We won't shoo you away if you don't have a VX 800, but really it all about the "New American Standard."  Here you can learn about common problems with the VX-800 (there aren't many) and solutions to them.  Have a leaky petcock?  We can help.  Wake up to find your crankcase full of fuel?  See leaking petcock ;-)  Does your Suzuki VX800 have a slipping clutch?  Want to learn how to shim the clutch springs so it quits slipping?  Do you have a rattle in your VX800 exhaust?  What size tires fits the VX800? 
You have questions, we have answers!

You have to join the forum to get to the good stuff, though, so come on in, create an account, introduce yourself and we'll all wax poetic about the mighty Suzuki VX!