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Price help needed
« on: May 12, 2005, 05:42:48 PM »
Hi everyone. Looks like they're selling the house we've lived in for the last 10 years. Sadly, I'm not going to have room for my bike at the new place. So, I'm going to sell her, but I don't really know what to ask for. Here's the scoop. The bike is a burgundy 1990 with 7044 miles. I just had the tank resealed, so it's just primed and needs to be painted and re-installed. I recently put in a new battery, air filters, spark plugs, and oil change. I have a brand new pair of springs still in the box, a bike jack, plus the old filters, etc. I have clear title, but it's not registered. I bought the bike in Florida, so it's 50-state. Oh, yeah, the bike is in San Francisco, garaged. Your input or offers would be greatly appreciated. The last couple of weeks have been really stressful, but I would like to find a nice home for her.


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Price help needed
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2005, 07:29:38 PM »
Hi Simone -

Kelly Blue Book says low price for a "1990 Suzuki Marauder" is $1200, and high price is $1800.  Suzuki did not make a Marauder in 1990, so I think it is safe to assume the prices refer to our VX800s.

Motorcycle Consumer News says the national average full retail value for a 1990 VX800 for Spring 2005 was $1120.  Bay Area bike prices are usually higher than MCN average retail prices.

Has the bike ever been registered in CA?  Are registration fees for past years owed on the bike?  If so, how much are the fees?

Are you the original owner?  Do you have the owner's manual, tool kit, and both original keys?  Any dents, rust, or scratches?  Do you have a maintenance record?  Has the bike been sitting for awhile?  Does the bike run well?  Does everything work?  How old and worn are the tires?  Fork seals ok?

These are typical questions that might pop up.

You might try advertising on  It is a free service that is viewed by 1000s of people daily.  

Good luck.

Rick - Davis, CA



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Price help needed
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2005, 10:48:41 AM »

Has the bike ever been registered in CA?  Are registration fees for past years owed on the bike?  If so, how much are the fees?

I have had success in the past calling DMV at 1 (800) 777-0133 and working through the phone tree to talk to a real person.  Usually only a minute or two wait for a live body to anwer.  If you have the VIN, they can tell you if it is in the system, and what it will cost to get it registered including all late fees if there are any.  As Rick suggested, having that information can be key to the final sale price.  If you know it, the potential buyer can't lowball on the basis of unknown registration problems...

Good luck
Scott in N. CA