Author Topic: 1990 VX800 up for sale 1200$: Pacific Northwest  (Read 1732 times)

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1990 VX800 up for sale 1200$: Pacific Northwest
« on: June 15, 2005, 11:53:18 AM »
Hey all,
So I do love this bike and it is only riding better and better....but....
I need something more practical, something I can find parts for everywhere. I have put a lot of time and energy into this bike and don't think it is right for me. I need something more practical for my student life style, but just as big. Just to let you know how I feel, I have 6 pictures of VXs off the internet and a  :blink: close up of the engine pinned on my office wall.

Right now I think all the bike needs to be tip top is:
Carb tune and adjust,
new frame guards, (The ones I have are hurtin bad, though repairable)
rear brake disk,
cables ( speedo, throttle)

In the mail are:
New air filters
Possibly a tank cover and bag

New are:
Spark plugs, oil filter, bar end mirrors, nice cover (venting biofilters)

The bike is running and pretty well at that. I have had it on the highway doing 90 (paced by a friend of mine thanks to the broken speedo cable)  and it still had some life in it, though I wasn't willing to see how much  :ph34r:
The bike is showing 19,000+ miles and the cable has been broken for a little while. I figure I have put about 75 miles on the bike since I owned it. The speedo fizzled out and will occasionally come back to life, so I figure it is the cable.
The engine seems to be doing fine, though it needs adjusting. It sounds really bada%%, hmmmmmm..................

I do not, repeat, do not intend to part this bike out. It is righteous.
If I could find a parts bike I probably wouldn't sell it:(
There has been some road rash, the tank is dented up, and there is a few bits and pieces missing. ( See my post 'in need of some bits and pieces')

I am going to take the bike out today and ride it around again. I am so torn <_<

The bike is in Olympia, Washington
It is also posted on the Seattle Craig?s list, where I found it originally
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