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Hey guys! Nice to get some response :p

I promised pictures!

A bit out of focus sadly, but here I have wirebrushed, done some magic with rust removing chemicals.

Then we ended up with a frame full of primer. I ran out of black paint today, only got to paint half the frame, gotta pick up more tomorrow and continue.

If you have seen the earlier pictures, you´ve seen the amount of corrosion on this bike... So, I need to repaint a lot, wheels is one of those. It was very corroded, and look at it now!



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More paint!

I have discovered, that restoring a bike involves a lot of painting, who knew? :p

So this got a much needed wirebrush treatment, the rust on this bike is unbelievable... Also, 2-3 layers of paint, not fun.

Then some primer

And then a dark grey semi gloss paintjob

The rear drive also got some new paint, here a picture of it after primer. I forgot to take a picture of it after painting, partly because it was getting so late and dark, but it got the same paint as the rear swingarm.

Kratoxy from the rusty Norway

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So, where did I leave you guys :p

I've had this bike for a few years now, but never been able to ride it :(. But, I'm inching forward, today I bring you... More pictures!!!

Here are some of what I had been working on in the last post, all assembled and ready to go on the frame. I am having a problem here though, when I tighten the axle nut, the wheel locks up... Somethings not right here... Any ideas? Brake's not even fitted to the bike.

(I'm not working fast on this bike, I'm sorry)

The frame is painted! With proper polyurethane paint! I was so happy when this was done. Just look at it!

Here you can see the triple-tree installed with all new steering bearings, so smooth.

I did also paint the front forks, but as you can see, I need new tubes, which in this part of the world, is hard to come by it seems... Might have gotten some from the US, but shipping is killing me :p In the background on the lower picture, you can also see I've painted the calipers matte black, they have been rebuilt now, so those are ready for action as well!

And now for the big finale! I have painted... the engine! (I might have not done this by the book) Okay, so here's the deal. The engine was VERY corroded, paint flaking and generaly just looking shit, but it ran good. The amount of nooks and crannies in this engine pretty much makes it impossible to paint without disassembly, sandblasting and a lot of money in gaskets and so forth... For an engine that works just fine. So, I took a brass brush, and went to town, doing as best I could without taking the engine apart, and... Well, it turned out a lot better than expected!

This reduces the amount of work by a lot, so maybe I can actually ride this one day :p

I will see you guys on the road some day! (How long have I had this bike now...? 3-4 years? You guys will have long forgotten about this bike when I'm done  ;D )


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Hello again. Things are moving forward :) More pictures!

Engine was painted last time, now, it's in the frame! (That was a pain...)

The front forks were pitted, so I bought some used ones from the US, Scuffed them up, painted them, changed out the oil and put the springs the right was, they were upside down according to the manual.

Carbs are in

Okay, so here's a bunch of parts, my way of getting this bike back together now, after diassmebly a few years ago is: Rummage through boxes, find a part, go "I know where this goes!" put it on the bike, and repeat. I hope I run out of parts at some point like this :p

I'm changing out a lot of the bolts, since they were all rusty, and this is a naked bike, it makes it look a lot better. It wont be as "Original" anymore, but hey, some of the old bolts are too far gone. Even sheared a head off of one in the frame, that was a fun 3 hours....

I am having some issues with the wiring loom, this mess of butt cnnectors.. "Where did you come from, where do you go?" If someone has some helpful tips or picture I can go after, that would be amazing!

Well, I believe that's it for this time, see ya on the road soon folks.


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Hello guys, today disaster struck. The tank got dented... I am so sad about this :( Well, at least it wasn't in good condition anyways, but still, it was very sad.

Didn't take a lot of pictures today, a lot of the day was spent trying to pull the dent out again, but the bike is very much together now! I spent hours today routing the wiring harness, fuel lines, air hoses etc etc, it's been insane. I am printing out the manual, I am so sick of looking at tiny pictures on my phone. I'm also sure I've routed a lot wrong, but it cranks. It starts if I squirt some gas into the carbs, so that's good.

Got the front brake caliper together today, after it was painted black, got it bled and working. No pics, stressful day.

The exhaust is looking a lot worse than I remembered... So I'm probably going to have to figure something out there. The exhausts on eBay are awful looking and really expensive, so that's not an option. I should really have taken some pictures of the exhaust. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

I ordered these, and I really like them, they are coned on the back, but still chrome, and the orange glass still looks very stock. They are also a good bit shorter, brings in the back in, looks much better. Gonna take som better pics tomorrow I think.

I figured out why the rear wheel was hard to turn, I was missing this spacer, and I have no idea where it is... So I've had to order a new one.

So, a lot got done, a lot went wrong...