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MADMaN's 1991 VX...SO FAR 

So its been 6 Months and Im almost at the end of my build.

I want to thank all who have helped me along the way, not only the people that have jumped on the tools but many from this very site. If not directly given advice or ideas, but to all the people that have contributed to the forum and left a wealth of knowledge for all to use at their own leisure.

So lets get right back into it!

Finally prepped and undercoated Guards, Fairings, Fork Tubes, Instrument Cluster and Passenger Handle

I headed to our local hardware store and picked up a 1 litre tin of White Knight Gloss Machinery Grey.
Two coats later and its ready.

As I had already painted the wheels in the same Satan Black, I was going to paint the tank,fairings and guards in the same colour. I thought I would just breeze thought the top coat. Unfortunately dew to me forgetting to drain the compressor and purge it of any and all moisture, the top coat I painted on the bikes body parts had water in the line which lead to water in the paint which lead to blisters in the finished coat.

Releasing my mistake I purge the tank of water condensation, let it sit for 48 hours, then attempt a 3rd coat.
It all went well and a rookie mistake fixed quite easily.

Now my bike is a 1991, as of this year (2015) that makes it 24 years young ,BUT we all know that when we factor in some previous owners and their neglect towards general maintenance, and the weather, and maybe excessive exposure to sunlight, parts of the bike can age quicker than others.
That brings us to the radiator overflow tank!
If you haven't already guessed it........yes it broke!
Usual story "I was taking it off to paint/clean when I put to much pressure on the tank and stuck my thumb through it" :(

But in an age of computer chips and satellites, I scoured the internet to see what I could find.

Bamn.......I spotted some "StreetFighter" style web sites and found they where using energy drink/old beer bottles/babies bottles or anything they could get their hands on.
I settled for a medium sized aluminium drink bottle

I fitted a brass 1/4'' fitting to the bottom and the second to the side of the bottle about 3/4 of the way up.

This was the cheapest and most effective way to over come the problem without risking removing the part completely.

Water enters the bottle at the bottom similar to the way it enters the original plastic overflow tank. If and when the radiator gets hot and has to release pressure the bottle will fill like normal. When it cools it should draw that fluid back into the radiator. If it continues to boil, it will fill up to the top drain hose and flow all the way under the bike and release where it originally did with the OEM part.

So after many months of sitting on the centre stand and some bricks, we finally put the wheels back on.

At this point I can see where the style of my build is headed and looking more like a bike and less like a wreck.

Time to re-build the brakes with all new parts and bolt them back on the bike.

On with the rear!

The instrument cluster is now back together and apart from in this picture having the original rusty nuts on the back. Its contrast Satan and Gloss looks fitting.

I just didn't like the tight feel of the original handle bars and like that wide dirt bike feel. So I replaced the bars with some ProTaper KX-HI.

With the red brakes, radiator overflow bottle and instrument lights these red and grey Scotts dirt bike grips should make it all tie together nicely.

Cleaned and painted fuel cover........looking fresh!

Now this isn't the final rolling build but is really close.
The 7" headlight needs to be fitted, stickers on tank,battery replaced and all electrics check but its basically at the end.

I will post some pics when it final hits the road and has a plate on the back

Thanks again to all and look forward to bumping into the Auzzie riders one day.

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Re: MADMaN's 1991 VX...SO FAR
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nice work mate

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Re: MADMaN's 1991 VX...SO FAR
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Nice work- it's great when you first get on a re-build, especially when you've sorted the things you forgot to do and it's all bedded in.