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Hi all,
I recently re-purchased 2 VX800's that I used to own and I've decided not to keep them.  One is a 1992 "Plum Crazy" purple bike with the triple GIVI bags & top-box set-up, both a Corbin seat and a Travelcade seat (along with a stock seat), well-maintained bike.
The other is a rough condition 1991 model---spray-bombed black with a white pattern on top of the crappy paint job.
Please visit "Western Maryland" Craigslist and look for the "Little Orleans" seller.  I've decided to simplify my life a bit by selling about half of my bikes---you'll find ads for 11 from me at this site.  Keep wading thru them until you find my VX's.  You can see a full description, a complete list of accessories & parts, and a bunch of pictures in my CL ad.
Clear titles on both.-----$1,995 takes everything
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im interested in the left side panel if your bike is purple
and allso the tail lighet
i have an 94 mod and live in norway