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What shuold I do??
« on: February 20, 2018, 06:56:10 PM »
Hi guys!  Long time. Sad.

So I have a 1992 vx800  with a vs 700 boulavard engine, also everything from wrecked a 91 except the front fork chassis.

I'm at a loss. I loved this bike when I was riding it and I reallyd like to be te one to rebuild it . I goofed. the heat sensor/oil low relay melted to the pipes and I rode 100km on no oil.   It seized. I really dreamed of rebuilding but life, and money and prospects. I'm trying to start a new business and all the parts are taking up a lot of space...

the 92' is fully stripped down to the frame. everything is bagged and tagged and photos taken of the tear down. the 91 frame has had the engine pulled.

I was going to merge the bikes. I wanted to use all the chrome from the vs and add it to the vx engine.
the reason I stopped is a very expesive specailty tool needed for getting into the crank case.

I know Its a nightmare puzzle to pass on a project. but I was wondering what I should do. Id be sad to part it out, and really if I could find some one who rebuilds and give it away for first right of purchase or something.

What should I do????  part it out? who rebuilds? referances and contacts? ahhh so saddd!

chrs  and thx.